COVID-19 Important Update: we are 100% operational during this unprecedented event. To ensure the safety of our team members, as well as social distancing in an effort to help combat the spreading of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, we have switched to WFH (work from home) earlier in March. All operations (including concierge, support, mobile apps, and new station onboarding) continue unchanged; same contacts, same phone extensions. As streaming has become a critical component of broadcast operations, we want to assure our clients that we remain fully committed to supporting your efforts to reach your listeners. Thank you.
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Start your own station旋风加速器xf8旋风加速器专业版安卓PodcastingFree iOS and Android streaming apps安卓加速器

Providing streaming services around the globe

Start streaming your radio broadcast, podcasts or specialized content live on the internet with your own easy-to-use, feature-rich player and mobile apps. Whether you're a radio station, school, internet broadcaster, religious organization or you name it, you can stream in HE-AACv2 and MP3 and reach all desktops, browsers and devices.

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We provide every broadcaster with free mobile apps that are fully customizable with skins, logo, advertising, and more. Your listeners can listen on the go anywhere, on any device; PCs, smartphones, devices, radio dashboards, and listener feeds like Tunein and iHeart.

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As always. You guys are top notch. -- Maximilian Duke

Thanks for your continued help to make Scorpion Radio Group everything we envision. Your prompt service at getting the Streamer and DCS up allowed us to meet a "stupid tight" deadl.. -- Steele

Hey ladies and gentlemen, I'm with Impact Radio Group in Nampa, Idaho, we just signed up for streaming players, and I gotta say, coming from a competitor provided product, I'm lov.. -- Alex Carpenter

David from Heartbeat FM just emailed me about coming aboard. Thanks for your hard work. -- Mike Mann

I want to thank you for all the time you’ve given to me and my staff in working through this transition. You’ve always been prompt and thorough in your answers. -- Jeff Bean

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Really enjoying Securenet Systems! Lots of great feedback from listeners, and staff alike! And – we have sketched out a plan to monetize some of the banners for increased revenue.. -- Andrew Jackson

I love your players. They are the best I’ve ever seen! -- Craig

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I took a long laundry list of questions into the call with Lea. She did a great job explaining all of this to me! This really is “concierge” service. -- Michael Serio, Executive Producer / Co-host

Tell your programming folks we really appreciate the quick response! I know our advertisers will be pleased. -- Richard Hawkins

Your team is very awesome!! They have helped me out so much the last few weeks to get me back live. -- Stacey Kline

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Diego, I just wanted you to know what a great job your tech support has done with resolving issues with my studio upgrade this week. Amazing. I love you guys! -- Eugene E Harris, Jr.

I just want to say that Chris in technical support is extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. Your tech support is much better than our last provider. We are very happy with the .. -- Jeff Tyler

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I have it working now. Thanks for your help and I must say we are VERY IMPRESSED already with your tech support! Have a great weekend! -- Dick Williams

Hey Gary - thanks for everything so far! I am enjoying doing business with you and your company. I haven't had a question that hasn't been answered. Skye is awesome. -- Roger Allen

Thank you for keeping me informed, you guys are excellent by the way, and your tech guys are all top notch. -- Gene Harris

Thank you very much for all your help. It was very easy to install the software and with the player your company provides, it’s even better than what we had before! The mobile .. -- Carlos Carmona

I just wanted to tell you thank you for all your support. I am extremely happy with the service. It has been very reliable and I have always gotten a fast response from Securenet.. -- Lenny Samuels

I want to thank you all for providing superior technical support and excellent customer service!  One of my clients is in the process of moving his hosting over to you, and you we.. -- Jeffrey Rozenberg

Thank you very much Diego, you're awesome! Appreciate all your help setting this up so quickly! -- Damian Molina

First off, love everything about the company; the way you guys run it is awesome, not to mention love both apps and the sound quality of my station is amazing thanks to you guys! -- Dom

I just wanted to say how glad we are that we found you - actually you found us! -- Jeffry Bean

Thank you all for making us sound so AWESOME!!! -- Robin Lais

Thanks for the fast work on our streaming project. We appreciate it! -- Dan

People are raving about the sound quality of the player. This is a world class system. Very excited! -- Carl Horton

Thank y'all for making that work for us... will be a big, big help. Gary - if I can ever help in a sale, let me know, haha - happy to give a good reference!!! -- Joseph Brannan, Asst. GM

Hello Katie - I want to thank you for all of the help and support you provided…the development of our new online player and mobile apps.…they look wonderful and again sincerely.. -- John J. Lasko, III

With the website and streaming we have had a tremendous increase in our listening audience thanks to the streaming and website you and the Securenet team created. I will say again .. -- Ryan Wiley

I would like to say thanks to you and everyone at Securenet who helped us get this off of the ground.. We really do appreciate your help! -- Mike Taylor

Hey Diego, Chris Smith here, I am the Program Director and main contact for the streaming. I set it up with no problems and everything is working great! Thanks for the service and .. -- Chris Smith

Everyone did a great job answering all our questions and getting us set up. I must say, I am very impressed with your service and its affordability. Your service is far superior to.. -- Jeremiah Thieman

I have been in the service industry a great deal of my own career and of course have received service from many others, and I must say I have had one of the best experiences in my .. -- Willard J. Williams, CEO

Dashboard looks great! Much easier than our current setup with Via Streaming. Thanks! -- Matt Reaume, UCB Canada

I just became a Client of yours for my station and want to let everyone there know how impressed I am in every way. We still have a lot of work on our end but the support from Chri.. -- Cliff Broyhill

Thanks again for your patience, support and professionalism. -- Miranda

Cristina, You are a rock star and you really made my day by taking time with me to walk me through the audio player setup. I also thank you for reaching out to Tunein. Your insigh.. -- Matt Santini

Let's get started migrating back to Securenet! I'm impressed...all the features of the player. Securenet's player is the most feature-rich in the radio streaming marketplace today!.. -- Marvin Walther

I have gotten so many positive responses from people on the way things work and specially the app. I can't believe you guys got it done for me in one day. That was just awesome! Th.. -- Michael Wallick

Thanks for sorting out everything, the service is very good, we are glad we opted for you guys! Your tech support is very efficient! -- Prashant

Yes, we are streaming audio and also on demand and are very happy customers!Thanks for taking time out to check. -- Dalani

Awesome!!!! I appreciate this so much. I've steered many people to Securenet over the years and will continue to do so. It's a really great service. You guys are rock solid and I.. -- Ken Misch

Dear Gary, Good Day. I just wanted you to know how helpful and courteous Kevin was this afternoon, in getting a handle on this problem. Thank you, Kevin. I very much appreciated yo.. -- Josh Cullen Brown, General Manager

I would just like to thank you for making this transition a really easy and pleasant experience. You and your team have been very helpful and exceeded our expectations so far. Ple.. -- Matt Hallowes

We have been streaming now for the last day and a half, and the feed quality is amazing. I have compared our on-air feed to other radio stations in our area and ours is the best. -- Rob Mitchell

You guys have been great! I really appreciate your time and patience with me and my radio station. Your help is making it possible for me to present a professional looking and soun.. -- OT

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Live Player Examples



  • Upload your own player skin or use one of our eye-catching designs
  • Upload your station's logo
  • Add up to 5 custom menu buttons to link to an external webpage or internal player content page
  • 旋风加速器下载_旋风加速器安卓版下载v5.6.26_咖绿茵手游站:咖绿茵手游站提供旋风加速器下载 游戏网络不稳定,一是你所处的地点信号不好,比如偏僻的地方,电梯里或者商场里,二是手机不行或者手机严重发热,三就是网络不稳定,拥有《旋风加速器》再也不用担心网络中断的问题,随时随地,稳定连接,让你不再卡成翔。
  • Add contact information for listeners
  • Integrate your feeds from Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube
  • 网络加速器(免费版)-网管软件工具类资源-CSDN下载:2021-8-23 · 下载加速器 2021-10-09 同样采用了Aria2多线程下载,支持免登陆网盘账号解析分享链接下载,支持百度网盘网络资源搜索并下载,登陆我的网盘账户可以下载网盘文件,还能离线下载 功能介绍: 1、百度网盘不限速下载 (正常情况下都可
  • Automatically post real-time playlist info to Twitter
  • Upload content for on-demand streaming and podcasting
  • Stream live video using Ustream
  • 安卓版 旋风加速浏览器 免VIP免广告观看视频 支持 爱奇艺 ...:2021-5-23 · 免VIP看视频说明:1.安装后打开加速浏览器2.搜索要看的视频,支持VIP或普通视频(VIP可直接观看,普通视频去广告直接观看)3.进入对应视频界面 浏览器会自动新建面VIP接 ... 安卓版 旋风加速浏览器 免VIP免广告观看视频 支持 爱奇艺 腾讯 优酷 土豆 等主流网站 ,吾爱破解 - LCG - LSG |安卓破解|病毒分 …
  • Add tons of 'player apps' for listener-interaction
  • Group multiple stations into one player and mobile app (multi-station)
  • Enable Amazon/Alexa Skills
  • Receive free native and web-based mobile streaming apps
  • Create fully targeted advertising campaigns for banner prerolls, video and audio prerolls, in-player banners, and free video and audio ad replacement/insertion
  • Join our Ad Network and let us fill your digital ad inventory with ads from our programmatic advertising platform. We offer the highest payouts with 100% fills!
  • Access your free royalty tracking reports (with DCS integration)
  • Use any studio automation system and playlist program
  • Join the fastest-growing cloud-based radio streaming network, serving listeners in over 200 countries
  • Get Connected in the Car


    music-note-over-a-half-black-car Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are available on our free mobile streaming apps. Allow your listeners to stay connected at all times by enhancing their mobile streaming experience. Our iOS and Android apps become fully functional when connected to a supporting car's head unit.

    Help keep your listeners' eyes on the road by providing them with a streaming app that enables them to become hands-free.

    Learn more
  • Programmatic Advertising


    • Ads are geo-targeted by country with no restrictions
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    • Fill dayparts by hour, on a schedule
    • Run your local ads and fill the rest of your inventory with our Ad Network
    • Join our Ad Delivery Network 100% and benefit from our experience, vast reach, and relationships with top industry partners!

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    • 旋风加速浏览器app-旋风加速浏览器下载 1.0 安卓版-新云软件园:2021-6-5 · 企业微信安卓版 3.0.21 手机版 UC浏览器极速版 安卓版 钉钉tv版 1.0.0 最新版 迅游手游加速器 安卓版 QQ邮箱 5.7.3 安卓版 阿里钉钉手机版 4.7.30 安卓版 腾讯WiFi管家 3.9.3 安卓版 天翼云盘 8.5.0 安卓版 MD浏览器APP 12.29 安卓版
    • No additional cost or fees to integrate on our end
    • Get started immediately and start analyzing today

    Learn more
  • Start Streaming Instantly

    Our Cirrus® Console is an all-in-one solution for your station... and best of all, it’s FREE!


    Cirrus® Console includes our DCS (Data Capture Software) and encoder that work together under one shell. You simply install, insert your call letters and authorization token we provide you, and everything is automatically configured instantly. No fooling around with entering information... it's all done for you within a few seconds.

    Find out how the Cirrus® Console can get you up and running instantly!

    Learn more
  • Top Secret?

    It's actually no secret why we're the fastest growing streaming provider!


    Our Cirrus® Radio Streaming Platform supports all streaming feed sites and car/device radio heads! Never worry about whether or not your stream will be compatible on other systems like TuneIn, iHeart Radio, Aha Radio, car radio heads, etc.

    Plus, with our free mobile streaming apps, your listeners can be connected 24/7 wherever they go.

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You have access to several different player options. All of our players can be customized with skins, logos, menu buttons, content pages as well as full advertising control… plus much more!


We give every station free native and web-based streaming apps to provide to your listeners. The apps are fully customizable with a full menu, skin, color scheme, advertising and work across any and all devices.


Earn additional revenue for your radio station by running our ads on your players and mobile apps with our Programmatic Ad Network.

Cirrus® Console

Our Cirrus® Console with stacking for multi-station groups eliminates hardware costs and automatically shakes hands with any broadcast automation system or playlist program.

Our Promise


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Order plan
Order plan

Our Features

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Radio stations and broadcasters can use our free Cirrus® Console that includes our DCS (Data Capture Software) and encoder that work together under one shell. You simply install, login, and everything is automatically configured instantly. No fooling around with entering fields of information… it’s all done for you within a few seconds.



Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
Amazon/Alexa Skills
Artist, track, album display
Artist/song/album information
Auto recording
Blackouts and whitelisting
Custom album art
Custom player skins
Easy and simple player editing
Embed players anywhere

Embed playlists anywhere
Embed schedule in player
Facebook integration
Free native and web-based mobile streaming apps
HE-AACv2 (formerly AAC+) by Fraunhofer
Interactive in-player apps
Live social feed integration
Multi-station player capabilities
MP3 streaming
On-demand audio/video
Password protection

Player chat
Player doubles as a website
Send to mobile
Social sharing
Song rating
Stream backup
Stream to all desktops
Stream to all devices
StreamBlock stream protection



Any playlist program
Any studio automation format
Cloud-based streaming and hosting
Host your encoder/playlist
Royalty accounting and reporting
Song rating reporting
Song requests
Stats and market metrics reports
Stream backup
Stream down notifications via email or text


Artist, track, album on your site (real-time)
Data collection - mailing lists
Facebook integration
Playlist with interactive history
Royalty reporting
Song sharing
Twitter song list output


Audio/video mid-roll inserts
Ad replacement-insertion (free)
Banner ad slots (multiple)
Full desktop and mobile advertising
Player skin takeover
Pre-roll - audio/video/banner
Programmatic Advertising Network


See full features

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Listeners in 215 countries

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356 SW 12th Ave.
Deerfield Beach, FL USA


+1 954 481 9402




  • Cirrus® Engager
  • Cirrus® Remote Broadcaster
  • Remote Stream Monitoring
  • 安卓旋风加速器 超级VIP会员破解版所有线路免费使用! - 峰 ...:2021-8-9 · 安卓图片文字识别 OCR扫描识别神器 APP下载 腾讯 绝地求生 全军出击 内测版本下载 爱发发卡网源码V6.3免授权企业优化版 PHP自动发卡平台源码,一键安装。安卓迅游手游加速器V5.1.25.2 最新VIP会员破解版下载
  • Live Player Examples
  • Free Mobile Apps
  • Podcasting
  • Cirrus® Console
  • Studio Automation & Playlist Programs


  • 旋风加速器APP
  • Ad Delivery for Stations
  • Advertisers
  • Per-Inquiry Campaigns


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  • Streaming Growth
  • Blog
  • Testimonials
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